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My Royal upright’s in the landfill, but my keyboard still tells stories



You weren’t expecting me but here I am, still armed with my trusty keyboard, ready to tell stories about a community that is constantly changing.


The industry I served for most of adult life has also changed and sometimes it’s hard to recognize my beloved news business. But don’t tag me as a grouchy old man who has a death grip on my manual typewriter. Understand that though I miss the clatter and clutter of an old newsroom I would never go back to that world.


What I do miss is the thrill of a breaking news story, especially the chase. I also miss hearing someone at lunch talking about something I wrote in that morning’s paper — whether they agreed with it or not.


Even if I was still on active duty, those things have gone away. People don’t depend on their newspaper the way they once did and their newspaper isn’t the same either. Passion is mostly a thing of the past.


There’s so many ways to get news these days and many of them aren’t reliable. Everybody on Facebook thinks they’re a reporter. They have an iPhone on their belt, a laptop on their desk and they assume that qualifies them for a press pass.


If a person still gets a paper delivered at home (six days, not seven) it’s so thin it could be slid under the front door. Most of us get news on line and there’s not that much to read. Staffs are lean, so picking what to write must a challenge.


But there’s still a lot of news out there in the Naked City. Important news. News we need if we’re going to be involved in our town. Many stories aren’t told at all and I want to tell those untold stories.


It may be a lengthy piece of old-fashioned investigative journalism, spiced up with new technology that helps the writer tell the story. It may be political. It may be about college football or it may be about the schools our children attend. I want to be your eyes and ears.


I’ll continue to join you on the evening news on WLTZ as part of Channel 38’s City Beat and I’ll be here when you need me. This is Richard Hyatt’s Columbus and the name says it all.


Since 1972 I’ve been telling stories about our town and I have come to think of it as my Columbus. I want to tell the stories others ignore or overlook. I want to inform you and entertain you.


This is Richard’s Hyatt Columbus, and I hope you’ll come back often. 

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